A pair of good insole effects not only the comfort but also the health



Common foot diseases:

1. Flatfoot: In standing, the medial arch of the medial arch is depressed, and generally has a posterior and valgus. The foot is easy to be tired and painful, causing knee pain, lumbago, etc.

2. X-type leg: Standing on both feet, knee joints collide and squeeze each other, shaped like X. Walking posture is not beautiful, resulting in changes in the negative force line of the human body, and related skeletal disease.

3. Splay feet: The feet are in the shape of an eight-word when walking. The walking posture is not beautiful, the health of the bone is influenced, the complications are easily caused, and the outside of the shoe heel is easy to wear.



Damage caused by deformation of arch of foot:  Body imbalance, head forward tilt, ankle varus, tibia rotation, knee pain, low back pain spinal pain and other problems.


So you should be aware of how important a pair of good insoles are. But you don't have to worry. Our arch correction pad can allay these concerns for you.



Our insoles have the following advantages:

1. Environmental protection polymer science and technology material design structure, smooth edge does not hurt feet, can be used repeatedly for a long time.

2. The three-point mechanical design of the arch of the foot. When walking, the three-point mechanics promotes the structure of the foot to be in a neutral and stable state.

3. A three-dimensional, three-dimensional fit foot that effectively supports the arch and maintains a normal arch height, relieving the plantar pressure.

4. The u-type cup and the support are more stable to prevent the foot from turning over and out of the foot due to the wrong gait, correcting the heel deformation and the error gait.



Anti-skid design on the back

Environmental protection material, healthy and comfortable.

The front side is attached to the foot

Our arch correction insole can completely support the three arch of the human body, the design is light and light, the use is easy to adapt, and the material can slow the foot walking and reduce the impact of the foot.

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