Heated Socks


The heated socks uses a 12V voltage (within the human body safety voltage within 36V), which is equivalent to the voltage of several small batteries, safe and reliable. It can flexibly choose a variety of power supply modes (transformer connected to ordinary 220V power supply, battery power supply) to meet the user's multiple needs in different occasions.

The temperature rises quickly, the electricity warm immediately. The surface temperature can reach 45-65 ° C, which saves energy and consumes electricity from 0.01 degrees per hour.


Far-infrared heat radiation that is extremely beneficial to human health when heating. After being energized, the carbon fiber heating element converts 99.9% of electrical energy into far-infrared heat radiation with a wavelength of 5 to 20 microns that is extremely beneficial to human health.

 Heated Socks


50 years - Carbon fiber heating element and buildings with life, can last up to 50 years.

3000 degrees  Carbon fiber is heated to 3000 degrees in an oxygen-free state without any change in its mechanical properties.

3-4 times - Its tensile strength is 3-4 times higher than that of steel, steel degree is higher than 2-3 times, and fatigue resistance is higher than 2 times.

In the electric heating state, it overcomes the shortcomings of low strength and easy oxidation and burnout of electric heating materials such as metal wires, PTC, and silicon carbide.



Current load in the same area, the strength of carbon fibers is higher than 6 to 10 times the wire, breakage does not occur during use. Since our carbon fiber heat generating element is a mesh, therefore, even if there is a break will not affect the overall heating power.


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