New Design Heated Jacket for Winter Warm


Dongguan Lee-Mat Sport Technology Co. Ltd. is a factory with R&D team which offer the custom service for our customers. And we specialize in this field for several years, with the strength of heating system and own equipment, with high quality goods.

What is heated jacket?

In today’s society, heated jacket has become popular among the crowd. In winter, heated jacket is one thing for anti-cold. So what is heated jacket?

Heated jacket is a casual jacket with heating system. The jacket is with water-proof and wind-proof material on the outer shell part and cotton filling. So the custom logo can be printed on the outer shell part. The heating system is a special material which can be bendable and not easily damaged. What's more, this material can better play the characteristics of starting heat. Unless the internal heating system is damaged, it will not be affected. Therefore, the temperature of heated jacket can be controlled very well, and the jacket can be washed by hand or machine after removing the battery.


What is new design?


First new design—the changing of heating area:

In order to meet the needs of the public, the heating area of the heated jacket has changed to three heating part to increase the warmth. So the new design of heated jacket is the changing of heating area which is two heating part on chest and one big heating part on back.

Second new designthe changing of material:

In the past, the materials of our old design heated jacket were waterproof and windproof, but now we have found a better alternative material at the same cost and same features. So the heated jacket will be better than the old design product. And the custom logo can be printed on the heated jacket. Because we are a factory providing custom service with R&D team.


What function does heated jacket have?

Water-proof and wind-proof: better and special material

Heating system: better material with bendable and not easily damaged.

Cleaning: can be washed by hand or machine after removing the battery

Working: can work on negative 40 environment


How to use?

1. Connect the battery with the cable in the jacket's battery pocket. Do not pull the cable too hard.

2. Press the rubber controller in the left chest for one second. The light comes out and the jacket begins to works.

3. Press the controller to adjust different temperature setting. Press one second for off.

4. Charging: connect the battery with the charger, then connect the socket with the charger.

5. The green light lights when it is fully charged. For the first time charging, 12 hours, then 5 hours each time.

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